Saturday, May 25, 2013

My website

And it's done!! I finally got the website up and running., you have to make sure it's studios, plural otherwise you will find the page of another artist.

 I've actually been working on my site for awhile but trying to get good photographs of my jewelry and the descriptions written was overwhelming me. Thankfully my amazing friends have stepped in and help me with photography and writing tips. I find I can get myself almost paralyzed by the need for things to be perfect and so I stall out unable to move forward. As part of the new improved me I am not doing that I am leaping in with both feet and letting things fly!!

I love being part of a creative community. Most artist I find are very giving and willing to help with suggestions and tips to help you improve what your working on.

Overall I think it is looking pretty good and I will keep adding more stuff and tweaking it as time goes by. I have been very blessed with love and support from my friends. They have been sharing my website on their Facebook pages which has gotten me a lot more exposure. So far it's been very positive.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!


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