Saturday, May 11, 2013

Well Hello

Hello and welcome to my little blog about Spiral Fire.

Spiral Fire Studios is me, or I Beckie Willows am Spiral Fire Studios, somedays it s hard to be sure. I am the owner, artist and energy behind Spiral Fire Studios. My passion for melting glass allows me to create unique, wearable works of art. Creating feeds my soul, it's rare a day goes by when I am not making something, somedays it's art, somedays it's craft and somedays it's just an adventure in cooking. No matter I must create to survive.

Spiral Fire is the the name I created for my glass jewelry business. I love working on a torch or in a kiln, using heat and flame to melt and form glass into objects of beauty. I started using gemstones and other glass beads to make jewelry but from my first second on a torch I was hooked and my creative life took flight in a whole new directions.

In these pages I will introduce you to me, my creative life, my adventures and misadventures creating new works and share tip,s tricks and anything else that pops to mind.

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