Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photographing Jewelry

Ya know,  I love to take photographs, give me a flower or garden and I can produce a fairly good photograph but jewelry, it's a disaster!! What is it about jewelry that is so difficult?

I know that lighting is so important when trying to capture jewelry, you want the jewelry to sparkle but you don't want a glare. You want it to come to life but not have a reflection of the window or of the photographer in it.  I have tried a variety of lighting, backgrounds, laying the jewelry down, draping it sexily across some silky fabric or strung around someones neck but in the end, despite enormous effort and a sore back from moving my table in and out and all about I have never been able to find that sweet spot. I always end up with an image that seems a little flat.

Yet, I keep trying, quietly hoping the great jewelry photographing fairy will smile on me and help me produce a beautiful image but so far she seems to be shunning me. Despite the challenges it is a learning process and maybe one day the stars will align and I will produce the beautiful image I am after.

Or maybe I will just hire someone!!

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